Non-certified Organic Growing Techniques

Non-Certified Organic (NCO)

All our fruit is naturally grown in the South Okanagan, B.C. Canada.
Unsprayed, naturally grown fresh fruit is also available in season.

What we do…..

We use composted manure & biodynamic compost to enrich our soil.
We use restrictive watering & irrigation techniques.
We use crop rotation & companion planting to control diseases & insects.
We control weeds by removing & composting them.
We mulch with dried and composting plant matter when appropriate.
We hand thin when necessary.
We farm with consideration of neighboring wildlife, our environment, water systems and personal values of all that is in harmony with nature.

What we don’t do….

We do not use chemically treated or genetically modified seeds.
We do not use black plastic (or any other kind of plastic).
We do not use chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides or herbicides.
We do not use excessive watering or irrigation.
We do not use chemical thinning methods.
We do not practice mono-agriculture.
We do not kill wildlife that invade our growing spaces; but try to mitigate their damage with re-location, fences and growing crops they do not eat.

In response to the evolution of the term Organic to mean compliance to a set of standards driven by marketing and financial considerations rather than a philosophy of providing wholesome produce cultivated in tune with nature, without chemical or artificial enhancers or control, we no longer are a member of an Organic Certifying Body.

Please contact us at (250) 490-0174 or
for more information regarding our spray-free, natural farming methods.