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Choose from a variety of dried pears made from un-sprayed Barletts, Anjous or Bosc pears grown in Naramata, on the east side of the Okanagan Valley.

The chewy pear slices retain the flavour and texture of fresh pears and can be added tohiker's mix, muffins or mulling mix....really, your imagination is the limit!


Try the Fruit Guys unsprayed dried apricots in biscotti, granola or muffins. Dried apricots have large amounts of vitamins and minerals and a high fibre content. Dried apricots make a delicious snack and are perfect for the hiker or backpacker.


We use a warm-air dehydrater and add no sugar or preservatives to our fruit.


April 1, 2017. This product is temporarily out of stock.


You will enjoy the delicate flavour of dried peaches made from different varieties, including PF, Red Haven and White Lady.


Many of  the peaches are grown in our 50-year old orchard located on the Naramata Bench overlooking Okanagan Lake.


April 1 2017, This product temporarily unavailable


Italian Prune Plums

Our dried plums are made from unsprayed, tree-ripened, Italian Prune Plums harvested in the lingering heat of the early fall. They really taste like plums!

Our dried fruit contain no additives...just the goodness of natural fruit.

Dried Cherries

These yummy unsprayed Okanagan cherries are harvested during the intense heat of late June and early July. We pit and dry only the best, tree-riped sweet cherries.